• LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
  • LED Street Light GB
LED Street Light GB
LED street lamp is widely used for replace the previous street lamps with halogen lamp.1watt LED light =13 watt halogen light,save energy more than 13times. Gold bean design LED street light is most popular in the market because of lower cost.
·US Bridgelux high grade led chips and high quality drivers with realizing long-term reliable and stable working without failure and maintenance.· Amazingly long lifetime over 50,000 hours, one-time investment, long-time payback;·Adopt digital constant-power technology, realizing control of LED power;·Unique one-time die-casted aluminum shell structure, realizing excellent heat dissipation;·Stable LED working point, low temperature rise, low brightness decline.details contact with us,
8 Years Solar& LED lights Exporting Rush order available Manufacturers' direct sales Warranty for every products
          GB led street light
    Item Number LED Power LED Chip Lamp Flux output
    Product Dimension Net Weight Gross Weight
    HT-SLC-12W 12W 12pcs Bridgelux leds 840-900lm
     (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    0.6A 345*95*60mm 2KG 2.3KG
    HT-SLC-24W 24W 24pcs Bridgelux leds 1680-1800lm
     (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    1.2A 400*130*60mm 2.5KG 2.8KG
    HT-SLC-30W 30W 30pcs Bridgelux leds 2100-2250lm
     (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    0.9A 520*220*75mm 3KG 3.4KG
    HT-SLC-40W 40W 40pcs Bridgelux leds 2800-3000lm
     (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    1.2A 520*220*75mm 3.5KG 3.9KG
    HT-SLC-50W 50W 50pcs Bridgelux leds 3500-3750
    (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    1.5A 520*220*75mm 4.5KG 4.9KG
    HT-SLC-60W 60W 60pcs Bridgelux leds 4200-4500lm
     (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    1.8A 550*250*80mm 7KG 7.5KG
    HT-SLC-70W 70W 70pcs Bridgelux leds 4900-5250lm 
    (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    2.1A 550*250*80mm 8KG 8.5KG
    HT-SLC-80W 80W 80pcs Bridgelux leds 5600-6000lm 
    (Tj=60, Ta=25)
    2.4A 550*250*80mm 8KG 8.5KG
    Input Voltage:AC85-265V,Output Voltage:18-32V,
    LED luminous efficiency:>75lm/W,Power Factor:>0.95,Lamp's Efficiency:>90%,CRI (color rendering index):>70%THD:<15%,
    Light Distribution Curve/Beam Pattern:Bat Wing / Rectangular Beam
    Beam Lighting angle:horizontal 120°, vertical 60°;
    Color Temperature:5000-6500K (CW); 3000-4000K (WW)
    Guard Level:IP66 (IP67 for driver)Working Temperature:-30℃ ~ +50℃
    Service Lifespan:50,000hrs,Housing Material:Aluminum Alloy

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