Solar System for fishman in Brazil—Haotech partner named Peter Carvalho


haotech solar home system
haotech solar market in Brazil

Peter Caevalho–the most full of energy man in his age I have ever seen,enjoys boating,enjoys gym,and enjoys his life with his family.

The chance for cooperated with haotech —it starts from a small sample of plastic portable solar home system(maybe now is still on the way to his hands by china post)

The pictures shows the procedure Peter Carvalho helps his ppl for solar home system —-we hope from now on,there isno dark in the world and the haotech solar products with led lamps can go to the each corner of the world

HAOTECH 500kw off grid solar system,Mersin,Turkey

PV system
solar PV system for rooftop

The project took nearly two years from the beginning to the end. The HF-500KW high-efficiency solar photovoltaic system is designed by our company and becomes the best solutions in the project tender, which many well-known enterprises have participated into. Also, we update a variety of the latest solar control continuously. This makes the project stood on the current forefront of solar photovoltaic applications soon as it comes out. This system has been the most practical and most economical technology and project at that time. The project uses solar energy technology to achieve the purpose of saving energy, and its annual generation capacity is at least 1.5 million degrees.

HAOTECH 480kw off grid solar system,government supporting,Indonesia

off grid solar system
haotech solar home system for indonesia

Indonesia projects is a government projects supporting and solving the problem of lack of electricity in Indonesia.the system is 480watt off grip solar home system.generated capacity is 3KWH for home using.because of good services,timely delivery and high quality, the project last for the 3 years and now also continued.


HAOTECH solar street light and solar home system,group company industrial park


solar street light

haotech solar street light for industry garden

The project is in haotech own group company industrial park.from design to install,all make by ourown team.

Haotech street light has the advantages of high efficiency, small power consumption, long life, low operating temperature, security, reliability, fast response, small unit volume and green. The life of our led light is 50 times longer than that of incandescent and 20 times of the fluorescent. Led light is the fourth generation of lighting products which is after the incandescent, fluorescent and gas discharge lamp. The solar light system is used throughout the district.

At the daytime, the battery is charged by the solar panels; at night, the load use electricity form the battery. There is no need to prepare the complex and expensive pipeline. The layout of the lighting can be adjusted at random. It is safe, energy-saving, no pollution, working stably and reliably because of no manual operation, also, it is electricity-saving and fee-maintenance.

Rooftop,micro on grid solar home system,zhonghai kang cheng park,guangzhou,CN

solar generator

PV system for roof

Guangzhou zhonghaikangcheng projects,on behalf of Photovoltaic (pv) demonstration project for Guangzhou wisdom city projects,from tender,design to installment,haofeng group finish and succeed the projects all by self.according to the field condition,we suggest to use the new technology for on grid system called micro on grid system.the users can check the all info from website anywhere they like. Teh capacity is 4KW,generated capacity 12KWH daily.

HAOTECH solar-led street light projects,Abuja,Nigeria

led solar street light

haotech solar led street light project in abuja

HAOTECH has successfully completed the solar LED street light projects in the capital of Nigeria — Abuja for many times. We use the advanced solar and LED lighting technology to enhance the effectiveness in the public street lighting and solve the problem of insufficient local supply of electricity. We also achieve the purpose of energy-saving. So far, our solar street light systems have covered more than 100 local main streets in Nigeria, saving at least 80 million kWh per year.